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We provide you with a CNC machine control system - PUMOTIX. This software is based on the well-known PureMotion program.

Why did PUMOTIX appear?

In the new product, called PUMOTIX, we decided to abandon the user-friendly editions of STANDARD and PRO.

Based on the experience gained during the development of PureMotion and communication with users, we tried to create a more flexible licensing system at PUMOTIX by breaking the entire functionality of the program into many separate options that can be purchased separately. We hope that this approach will be more accessible for users of the system, since it will be possible to buy only those functions that will be needed.

Short list of changes included in PUMOTIX

  • Reworked licensing system.
  • Reworked the core of the system, added multithreading. This has significantly reduced the opening time for G C0de files on computers with multi-core processors.
  • Minimized the number of accesses to the hard disk when executing G-Code.
  • Optimized network interaction between the server and client part of the software.
  • Optimized the search mechanism for devices on the local network.

All G codes previously used in PureMotion are fully compatible with PUMOTIX.

This is an incomplete list. Work on improving the software is carried out daily.

Briefly about innovations and licensing

Now, in the “Configuration” menu, the item “License Manager” has appeared, entering which the user of the system should see a tree of all options, as well as information about the installed license, and various auxiliary controls. In the tree, options are grouped into categories:

  • Basic options are those options that are always available regardless of the license (these options are free and always active);
  • General options - include various functions that are not related to any particular module;
  • Plasma cutting - options for ensuring the operation of plasma cutting;
  • Oxy-fuel cutting - options for ensuring the operation of oxy-fuel cutting;
  • Milling - options for the milling machine;
  • Turning - options not yet implemented;
  • 3D printing - options not yet implemented;
  • Laser cutting - options not yet implemented.
When switching from PureMotion to PUMOTIX, those options that were part of the current PureMotion license at the time of the transition will be automatically activated.

For example, if the PureMotion Standard license was activated in the controller, then when switching to PUMOTIX the user will turn on all the options that were previously included in the Standard version. That is, the user of the Standard when switching to PUMOTIX does not lose any functionality that was available to him in PureMotion. Other options, if desired and necessary, can be purchased at any time.

If the transition is performed with a PureMotion PRO license, then in PUMOTIX the controller will receive a full set of activated options until the license expiration date (or indefinitely if the PureMotion license was unlimited).

If the connected PLCM previously did not have any PureMotion license (for example, a brand new one or came from Mach3), then only basic options will be available to it.

If Simulator is selected as the motion controller, then all available options will be active.

For most options in the tree, the trial period specified in the machine clock is available. That is, if you activated the trial period and did not use the machine for two weeks for some reason, it will not disappear from you. The countdown of the remaining trial period only occurs when the machine is turned on and running.

PUMOTIX Installation and Impact on PureMotion

PUMOTIX is installed through the installer in the same way as PureMotion. These two programs on the computer do not colide. The user has every right to work both in PureMotion and in PUMOTIX. The PureMotion license is not blocked when migrating to PUMOTIX. If desired, you can always use PureMotion as before.

It is not recommended to run PureMotion and PUMOTIX at the same time, since they use common resources, for example, a controller or network ports.

The first time you install PUMOTIX, the configuration and license will be automatically migrated from PureMotion, so all program and controller settings will remain the same.

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