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  1. The speed of launching PUMOTIX software increased on some computer configurations.
  2. The performance of the motion controller is additionally optimized.
  3. MPG pendant support for PX1 motion controller implemented. MPG settings are available on the "Misc" tab.
  4. New software feature "Controlled rollgang support" added. This option allows you to automatically set the speed of rotation of the drive roller depending on the specified diameter of the workpiece (for example, a pipe).
  5. The sensors of the boundaries of the motors can now be configured as soft limits.
  6. Added a counter for unread notifications.
  7. Added the ability to set different values for the "Steps per unit" parameter for motors mapped to the same axis. This function allows you to set different speed of rotation of the shaft and the distance of movement when controlling one axis.
  8. New M-code M94 with the mandatory parameter P added. M94 P100 allows you to set the diameter of the workpiece equal to 100 mm (or inches), directly from NC program.
  9. Modbus registers configuration window redesigned. Attributes Readonly and Autopoll can be specified for a register.
  10. Added possibility to select Modbus read command type: Read Holding Registers (0x03) or Read Input Registers (0x04).
  11. Last read value is displayed for each Modbus register.
  12. ReadModbusMultipleRegistersUpdated and WriteModbusMultipleRegisters functions are added to macros API what allow to read and write values from several sequential Modbus registers.
  13. Displaying any input or output signal in Diagnostics tab can be disabled in Signals configuration.
  14. Multiplexer support implemented. Multiplexer is a device which allows to connect digital inputs and outputs when their number exceeds one available for PLCM port.
  15. Fix bug with running GUI for some Windows languages.
  16. User name can be specified for signals in Diagnostics tab. To do this add some non-empty comment for signal in configuration.
  17. Modbus registers current state and value is displayed in Diagnostics tab.
  18. Support for the Xbox 360 joystick connected via USB in Windows 10 improved.
  19. Visual blocks "Axis" and "Jogging" are slightly redesigned.
  20. "Motors" tab at setting window redesigned.
  21. Added a hint when trying to run the CNC program on the Simulator instead physical motion controller.
  22. Added a button to rewind the G-code to the beginning (available only as a hotkey).
  23. Plasma and Oxy-Fuel modules: the functionality of the cutting simulation mode has been expanded.
  24. New special buttons for Start G-Code execution added (available only as a hotkey). When you press and hold the button, G-Code execution starts. Stops automatically when released.
  25. Connection by the PUMOTIX Client to a remote PUMOTIX Server: after exiting the read-only mode, some visual issues were fixed.
  26. API for macros and background operations is expanded: GetAnalogInputsCount() function added. The function returns the available number of hardware analog inputs.
  27. Added the ability to customize the axis visibility on the Work tab.
  28. Other improvements and optimizations.

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