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  1. Added new window for macros and background operations managing.
  2. Calling dialog messages from macros in PUMOTIX implemented.
  3. Added accounting for the currently selected tool for "Quick start G-Code from an arbitrary line" feature.
  4. Updated firmware for PX1 motion controller. The logic of outputs initialization has been changed.
  5. Added configuration recovery window. "Import" button logic changed.
  6. Program macros count for pendant and hotkey is extended.
  7. An optional blocking of jogs without homing has been implemented.
  8. The blocking of changes in the state of server outputs has been implemented.
  9. Added displaying dimensions of the G-code.
  10. Added changes in License Manager (end time for limited license view, dependent features view, notifications about expiring features and trials).
  11. Added minor changes to G-code loading algorithm.
  12. API for macros and background operations is extended.
  13. Minor fixes and improvements.

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