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The plasma cutting module has a lot of different parameters, the correct setting of which allows to achieve high-quality metal cutting. However, without the experience of plasma cutting, it is extremely difficult to set up the system correctly right away. In this article we will consider the minimum set of parameters necessary to start working with the machine.

Suppose you work with Hypertherm plasma cutters (such as Powermax 105) and with the THC1 torch height controller, manufactured by Purelogic R&D. The settings of the plasma cutting module can be divided into two groups. The first includes parameters that characterize the hardware used and are independent of the material being cut, cutting current, and other external parameters. The second group sets the parameters of a particular metal and methods of processing it.

This article describes only the minimum necessary setting for plasma cutting. It deliberately omits issues such as preparing the G Code or general system settings.

Of the general parameters, you must definitely configure:

  • voltage divider, which depends on the type of connection of the THC controller to the plasma cutting device (see Description of cutting parameters);
  • speed of cutting torch height control, which for a start should be set small - 100-200mm in. Read more about this parameter in the description of the cutting parameters.

Next, you need to determine the cutting current. In the Hypertherm source instructions, you can find tables with cutting parameters for different currents. It is recommended to use the table (and, accordingly, the current) in which your material is in the middle lines - this allows you to achieve maximum cut quality at the optimum speed. For example, if you plan to cut 8mm steel, then cutting with a current of 65A is perfect for you.

Now set the parameters from the table to the corresponding input fields, as shown in Fig. below:


Set the control delay to 2 seconds.


1. go to the tab "Workflow Process";
2. Make sure the "Use ArcOK" button is pressed.
3. make sure that the "Z-Axis Correction" button is pressed;
4. enable the capture mode at the cutting height.

The system is ready to start. Press the "Start" button to start the execution of the control program.