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  1. New feature Automatic zoned down draft air table control added for plasma cutting module.
  2. Support of hardware Start button added. There is a configurable delay for filtering false positives.
  3. New input signal for the motor added - Limit Middle. It is recommended for the border sensor of two working areas of the machine. E.g. a table area and a separate rotary axis area. When this sensor is triggered, the system will switch to EStop mode with a corresponding message. Jogging away for this sensor is allowed in both directions.
  4. The accuracy and speed of G-code processing are increased due to optimization of interpolation algorithms.
  5. Added a global option Execute the interpreter initialization string on M30 command. By default this option is enabled for the preservation of the system behavior as in previous versions. Checking this option can be useful, for example, if you want to save the last selected coordinate system G54-G59 after completing the g-code execution.
  6. The set of standard probing settings for milling modules has been expanded, namely, the Probe tip diameter has been added. Parameter is recommended to specify the diameter of the ball mounted on the tip of the stylus of the probe sensor.
  7. New operation mode for plasma cutting module added: THC with external Z axis control. This mode is recommended for correct interaction with fully autonomous torch height controllers.
  8. Filtering of the IO signals on the diagnostics tab added. Now only the signals that are applicable to this module are displayed.
  9. Fixed issue when the main window faded into the background when the child window closed.
  10. When referencing, tracking of end limit sensors is enabled after moving to the "move avay distance". This avoids false triggering limit switches.
  11. Fixed rare issue when the THC correction displays an incorrect value.
  12. Simulator features updated.
  13. The tooltip for the tray icon displays the current server name.
  14. LED bar for Plasma cutting module refactored: state of Automatic zoned down draft air table added (ready/not ready).
  15. "Apply license" button is available now at Idle machine state. Attention, before the applying of the license file, the machine will be turned off automatically.
  16. Fixed a bug related to the stop command when the axis is referenced.
  17. The plasma cutting module now displays only the process parameters that relate to the selected THC mode: Ethernet THC device, UP/DOWN, manual THC, or External Z axis.
  18. Message "Device: Unexpected Arc OK fail" is now displayed in the notification area.
  19. Added a message with the name of the axis that goes beyond the soft limits.

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