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Publish date: 08.12.2020

  1. Support for the new motion controller PX1 added.
  2. Setup menu for the PLL-R2 ohmic sensor added. Now you don't need to install alternative versions of macros M3, M4, M100 and M102.
  3. Interpolation algorithms were significantly optimized what allowed to substantially increase G-code processing accuracy with maintaining high processing speed.
  4. Network communication with device was optimized to additionally improve connection stability.
  5. New signal added: TorchDetachment. The input signal to handle the collision for plasma or oxy-fuel cutters. When the input is triggered, the program automatically stops running.
  6. New signal added: SpindleActive. Discrete input, which is recommended to monitor the real state of the spindle: running or not? It can be used for simple feedback with the spindle. Allows you to prevent the program from running when the spindle is disabled.
  7. New signal added: OmichSensorEnable. Output for switching on/off the ohmic sensor measuring circuit. It is activated when probing only.
  8. New signal added: SpindleCoolant. Output for controlling the spindle cooling pump.
  9. New signal added: SpindlePurge. The output of purging the spindle bearings with air (locking air).
  10. IO signal control without binding pin of motion controller is available. This allows you to link PUMOTIX IO signals to external modules IO modules via Modbus and Background operations.
  11. Mode G43/G49 added to G-Code modal groups line.
  12. Incorrect behavior when applying tool length compensation with the G43 command immediately after making changes to the tool table fixed.
  13. Added the ability to change the color theme without restarting the program.
  14. Plasma: fixed bug with THC during jogging.
  15. Plasma cutting module: the mechanism for dynamically displaying the configured axes on the main screen is improved. Controls are displayed only for axes that have at least one mapped motor.
  16. The number of user outputs has been expanded to 20.
  17. The number of user inputs has been expanded to 20.
  18. Other improvements.

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