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All the needed licence information (including available, active and non-active options, validity duration and owner data) is available in the PUMOTIX program window “Configuration” → “Licence manager”.

Licence manager

The window consists of options tree graph, fixed by a visibility filter, and a licence control block, that includes owner information, device information, a button of licence request and activation. You can see description of every option, that appears in the right low part of the window clicking the left mouse button to any option. Or you can activate a trial version if it is planned.

Visit to choose a function or by an option.

Before buying it, you can make use of a trial period. To do it, please choose the needed option right in the program and click the button “Activate trial period. Being activated the chosen function will be highlighted in yellow, and the trial cut-off time will be shown inside.


The trial period is unavailable for some of the options!

The trial version validity period is represented as a countdown time. The duration of that is reduced only while machine running!

Please do the following steps for licence activation.

  1. Buy the needed options on the website
    After payment, you will be able to generate an individual license file (How do I request a license?).
  2. Download licence file from the website.
  3. Open the PUMOTIX program, then “Configuration” → “Licence manager” → “Activate the licence”
  4. Select the downloaded license file and click "Open".


Licence can only be applied when a machine is turned off!

If the "Activate licence" button is not active, please turn off your machine with the "On"/Off" button on the home screen.

An example of window with active license

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