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Yes it is possible.

Moreover, all Home sensors can be connected to one input. But in order for the PUMOTIX system to correctly handle such a connection, you need to change the homing strategy to a serial one axis.

By default, in PUMOTIX, when you click the "Homing and Zero" button, the home is first searched for on the Z axis, and then simultaneously on all other axes. In addition, three additional modifications of the macro are available to users, according to which the base search works (M114). You can find them by copying and pasting the address %ProgramFiles%\PUMOTIX\DefaultMacros\\Homing into the file manager of the computer and opening the necessary folder.

The following modifications are provided to users:

“All_simultaneous” - all axes move to the home sensors simultaneously;
"Z_sequential" - sequentially in the following order: ZXYABCUVW;
“Z_simultaneous” - the Z axis will be homed first, then all other axes at the same time (this option is used by default);
“Z_YX” - sequentially in the following order: ZYX (this option is relevant if the signals from all home sensors physically use one controller input).

To apply the selected macro, copy it and paste it with a replacement into the folder that can be found through %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Purelogic\PUMOTIX\Server\Macros or "Start" → "Programs" → "PUMOTIX" → "Working directory ”→“ Server ”→“ Macros ”.