PUMOTIX Features And Modules

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Common Functions123456789101112
1ER-00013078One additional motor

Feature allows to add 1 additional motor to the three motors available in the basic set of options. The maximum number of available motors with this feature is 4.


Feature can be used only once. If the feature is already included in the package, then a separate purchase of the same feature is not possible. If you need more than 4 engines, use the "Unlimited motors number" option instead.

+  +     +  
2ER-00013073Unlimited motorsThe option allows you to use as many motors as the current controller can support. ++  ++++ ++
3ER-00013074Idle speed adjustmentG0 moves are always performed at maximum speed, but this is not always convenient, especially when debugging a control program. This option allows you to redefine the speed of idle crossings (G0) during the operation of the machine, without resorting to editing the parameters of the axes.   ++ +++ + 
4ER-00013095Coordinate system rotation by G-codeFeature allows to use special G-code which rotates coordinate system by specified angle. The coordinate system alignment module allows to rotate the machine coordinate system in the XY plane if the workpiece is mounted on a table not strictly parallel to the machine axes. The alignment operation is carried out at two points on one side of the workpiece or by entering the value of the angle of rotation of the coordinate system. Most applicable for thermal cutting of sheet material. Without this option, the use of coordinate system rotation in the G10 command is not available.   +  +++ ++
5ER-00013098Permission to use axes U, V and WThe feature allows the use of additional linear axes U, V and W. These axes can be used to control the rigging of the machine and other auxiliary movements. Caution, the U, V, and W axes do not support circular interpolation.          ++
6ER-00013100Quick start G-Code from an arbitrary lineThe time spent on preparing the trajectory planner to run from an arbitrary line will be significantly less. The larger the file, the greater the effect of this feature. Recommended for milling machines.)   +  +++ ++
7ER-00013075Performing G-Code backwardsThe feature allows running the G-Code in any direction from any line in the backward direction. In case of emergency, this function will help you to easily go back a little, moving strictly along the trajectory, so that you can continue processing later.   ++ ++  ++
8ER-00013099Continuation of the G-Code from the middle of the trajectory (frame)The feature allows you to resume the execution of the control program directly from the place where it was stopped by the STOP command or by the operation of special inputs, such as a "sensor for the door of the protective cabin" or "metal touch sensor with a plasma torch." In this case, the machine makes a regular (non-emergency) stop and the coordinates of the stop point are remembered. After that, you can move the machine as you like, including adjusting it to a convenient place and removing chips from the cutter or completely replacing it. Now just press “Start” and the machine itself will return to the stopping point and continue to execute the G-Code. In this case, the return to the starting point of execution will be made according to the selected mode of return to the trajectory.   + + +++ ++
9ER-00013094G-Code runtime calculationThis feature allows you to calculate the time remaining until the end of the G-Code. It takes into account the dynamics of the machine and the interpolation algorithms that will be used during operation, which allows to achieve high accuracy of calculations. In addition, the remaining time is instantly recalculated if the user adjusts the feed rate or idle speed during operation.   ++ +++ ++
10 Calculation of runtime macros M3, M5 (function in development)The feature allows you to calculate the total run time of the UE taking into account the run time of macros M3, M5. This mode is interesting mainly for thermal cutting machines, for which the machine tool can contain a large number of M3/M5  commands, and the execution of each of them can be quite lengthy. In this case, it is possible both to manually set the duration of the M3 and M5 commands, and automatic detection. In this case, the system itself measures and averages the execution time of these commands and takes them into account when calculating the execution time of the G-Code.      ++    
11ER-00013077Output Control Commands M10/M11This feature allows you to use special commands М10 and М11 to instantly turn on/off the digital output without slowing down the movement on the machine. The execution of any macro by default requires a complete stop of the machine movement: as soon as PUMOTIX encounters any M-command, then all the movements specified before the M-command are executed to the end, then the M-command is executed on the stopped machine, and then the movement resumes. M10 and M11 are the only codes that allow you to control outputs on the fly. If between two motion blocks PUMOTIX finds M10 or M11,  then the movement between the previous and subsequent commands will be as if there is no M-command between them, but when the machine passes exactly between these commands, the corresponding output will be turned on (M10) or off (M11).          ++
12ER-00013076Background operationsThe feature allows you to create macros that will run in the background, that is, in parallel with the operation of the main program (for example, for intermittent coolant control, monitoring of temperature sensors, etc.). More...   +      ++
13ER-00013080Create and edit macros

By default, only standard macro modifications are available in the system. This feature allows you to remove the restriction on editing standard macros and makes it possible to create your own.


The feature does not include the function of editing the tool change macro! (M6)

   ++ ++++++
14ER-00014407Dynamical motor to axis assignment

The option allows to attach or detach motors to axis using macro commands. This feature may be useful for cnc machines with two or more heads. For example it is possible to modify M6 tool change macro to move previous tool to parking position, change active motors connected to another tool support for Z and X axes.


For this option to work, you must also purchase the option "Create and edit macros."

      +   ++
15ER-00013081Connection of several Clients to one ServerBy default, only one Client (graphical user interface) can be connected to the Server (control part). This option allows you to connect 2 or more Clients to the same Server, both local (running within the same computer) and remote (running on different computers in the local or global network). The first connected gets full control at once, the rest only reads with the ability to get password control.          ++
16ER-00013824MODBUS protocol supportThe feature allows to communicate with devices by the MODBUS protocol via RS-485 bus. More...   +      ++
17ER-00014406Analog inputs supportOption allows to enable analog (ADC) inputs support if available in hardware.          ++
18ER-00017777Controlled rollgang supportThe feature allows to control a powered rollgang. It can be used when cutting pipes using a pivot shaft.            
19ER-00019593PUMOTIX license transfer (software features and/or packages) between devicesThis option allows you  to transfer the license from one PLCM/PX1 motion controller to another. When migrating, the options on the source controller are disabled. You can perform any number of  transfers.            
Plasma cutting
20ER-00013103Plasma cutting server modeThe feature allows to control the plasma cutting mode. Option is the minimum necessary for starting a plasma cutting machine.      ++++ +
21ER-00013087Library of cutting parameters

When this option is activated, an empty library of plasma cutting parameters becomes available for use, which the machine operator is invited to fill out independently. The library allows you to create, edit, save and restore large sets of parameters with one click for cutting various types of materials.


For this option to work, you must also purchase the option "Ignoring Z and F from UP".

      +++  +
22ER-00013088Smart Burn featureThe Smart Burn feature allows reducing the wear of consumables by reducing the contamination of the protective screen with molten metal spatter during the burning of thick materials.      ++   +
23ER-00013089Perfect Hole featureThe feature provides much higher quality cutting holes through the use of additional parameters. When using the “Perfect Hole” feature, the cut quality becomes comparable to using laser cutting.      ++   +
24ER-00013097Lock regulationThis feature includes a full set of THC control locks in the plasma cutting mode, namely: overvoltage lock, lock to reduce the nominal speed, macro lock from G-Code.      +++  +
25ER-00013091Probing radiusThis option significantly saves the execution time of the control unit, in which there are many small closed loops, by skipping the metal search stage if the previous ignition was carried out in relative proximity to the current one.      ++   +
26ER-00013102Biphasic probingThis option allows you to speed up the standard probing procedure by indicating the safe distance to which the tool will be brought up at an increased speed. With a large number of insertion points, this option can significantly save time spent on the torch leading to the workpiece contact point.      ++   +
27ER-00013092Nesting simulationThe option allows you to pass the G-Code without issuing commands to ignite the arc. The function has a number of parameters, such as simulation speed, height, and also allows you to evaluate the dimensions of the product and make sure that it fits on the sheet. Additionally, the option allows you to mark a thick sheet for drilling holes for tapping, stopping above each tapping point for marking by the operator.      ++   +
28ER-00013093Smart start from the middle

When starting G-Code from the middle of the File, the system will not perform a standard countdown of the burn delay after the ArcOk signal is resolved, but will immediately begin to move along the contour. Such a mechanism makes it possible to make an almost perfect joint without thickening at the starting point.


For this option to work, it is also necessary to purchase the option "Continuation of the G-Code from the middle of the path (frame)".

      +++  +
29ER-00013096Ignoring Z and F commands from G-CodeThe option allows you to disable in the system in the plasma or gas-oxygen cutting mode the interpretation of the movement commands along the Z axis and the job feed F from the text of the control program. Thus, all movements along the Z axis and the feedrate F are completely controlled by the parameters available in the program interface.      +++  +
30ER-00013090Pipe cuttingThe feature is designed for figured machining and cutting pipes for the manufacture of piles, tees, tie-ins, etc. When using the option, the rotation speed is adjusted depending on the current torch height, which allows you to save the specified cutting speed on the surface of the workpiece, which has a non-cylindrical shape.     +     +
31ER-00015305Automatic zoned down draft air table controlThe feature allows to use the automatic zoned down draft air table control of a plasma cutting machine. A table can consist of an arbitrary number of rectangular zones with custom sizes. Tracking torch position is carried out by machine coordinates. The valves of the zones and the aspirator are controlled through special output signals.            +
Gas cutting
32ER-00013104Oxy-fuel cutting server modeThe feature allows to control the oxy-fuel cutting mode. This module includes advanced algorithms for automatic control of gas supply valves. The system controls the sequence of turning on and off the gases, minimizing possible operator errors.      +    +
33RD-00005683Advanced Workpiece MeasurementThe feature allows to use "Probing" tab from PUMOTIX main window interface.            
34ER-00019164Spindle STEP/DIR control modeThe feature allows you to use a stepper or servo motor with STEP / DIR control as a spindle. This mode allows precise setting of the speed and acceleration profile of the spindle drive directly from the PUMOTIX software. It's recommended to use this option in conjunction with spindle unit based on stepper or servo motors.            
35ER-00013079Drilling Cycle SupportOption allows to use all supported drilling cycles. The option is required to use G73, G81, G82, G83, G85, G89 commands.   +      + 
36ER-00013084Auto Tool Change

Automatic tool change on CNC machines is performed by special mechanisms with a high response speed for maximum process optimization without operator intervention. This option improves productivity, helps reduce downtime and the time it takes to change a tool. The tool change algorithm can be changed by editing the M6 macro as you like.


The feature allow you to edit the tool change macro (M6)! Doesn't require the active feature "Create and edit macros"!

   +      + 
37ER-00013085Automatical spindle speed overridingWhen the feature is turned on a spindle speed override coefficient will be automatically adjusted when a feed rate override coefficient is changed to keep cutting speed constant. This feature is only compatible with milling machines and does not support threading.   +      + 
38ER-00013061Rotary axis A in index modeRotary machining using the rotary axis A is permitted only separately from the XYZ triple.+           
39ER-00013086Multi-axis index processing

In index multi-axis machining, the rotary axes work separately from the linear ones, orienting the workpiece with the desired side to the processing tool. Between turns follows the usual three-axis machining.

Includes the "Rotary axis A in index mode" option.

40ER-00013083Multi-axis continuous machining

With multi-axis continuous machining, the rotary axes work continuously, together with the linear axes. Strategies for continuous multi-axis machining of parts allow machining of products with the side surface of the cutter, the end surface of the cutter, at a given angle of the cutter to the surface being machined.

Includes the "Rotary axis A in index mode" and the "Multi-axis index processing" options.

  +       + 

*Package name:

  1. Milling, rotary axis (ER-00013105).
  2. 5-axis (index) (ER-00013106).
  3. 5-axis (cont) (ER-00013107).
  4. Full milling package (ER-00013108).
  5. Basic milling package (ER-00013109).
  6. Plasma + Pipe Cutter (ER-00013110).
  7. Plasma-Gas (ER-00013114).
  8. Plasma full (ER-00013113).
  9. Plasma advanced (ER-00013112).
  10. Plasma base (ER-00013111).
  11. Milling (FULL).
  12. Thermal cutting (FULL).